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Budapest, one of the most beautiful historical capitals in Europe, is situated on the banks of the Danube. The city actually consists of three cities: Óbuda, the oldest section, with Celtic and Roman ruins, Buda in hills on the western bank, famous for its historic Castle Hill and beautiful residential area, and bustling Pest with its shopping, government and commercial districts on the flat plain of the east bank. United in 1873, Budapest is renowned as the location of one of the most beautiful World Heritage sites.

Only Budapest can say of itself that it has Europe's largest Parliament, largest functioning synagogue and the continent's first underground railway. The architectural beauty with its monuments from neo-classic through baroque to eclectic art nouveau is prevalent in the city. Budapest is also world famous for its artistic abundance of concerts, operas, recitals, galas, exhibitions and spa baths.

The Castle District, with the Royal Palace, at the top of Castle Hill, is one of the most romantic pedestrian sections in Buda. A medieval little town with atmospheric streets, houses, beautiful monuments and gas lamps. The winding streets and narrow houses date back to the Middle Ages, occasionally decorated with valuable Gothic window and door frames.

The 700-year old Matthias Church with its Gothic spire and multi-colored tiled roof is where the nation's kings were crowned. Now it is the site of organ and choir performances. Be sure to catch the sunset at Fisherman's Bastion, with its view of the river, Chain Bridge, Parliament building and Pest across the horizon. Built at the turn of the century, the building of the Parliament quickly became a dominant sight and symbol of Budapest and the Danube panorama.

The Byzantine-looking Dohány Street Synagogue with 3,000 seats, is Europe's largest synagogue and the world's second largest after New York's Temple Emanu-El. Its excellent acoustics also make it suitable for concerts. The Jewish Museum, set up in its courtyard, has one of the most outstanding Judaic collections of Central Europe.

It is worth walking along the strictly straight Andrássy Boulvard. Both sides of the Boulvard are lined by eclectic 19th and 20th century mansions designed with artistic thoughtfulness, and one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world.

The city is also famous for its one of Europe`s largest bath complexes, in fact there is no other capital city in the world with almost 100 thermal springs and 12 medicinal baths within its boundaries, where 19 million gallons of thermal water rise to the surface each day. The atmosphere of Roman bathing culture may be felt in its light, spacious pool halls, while Greek bathing culture is reflected in the tub baths, but traces of Nordic traditions may also be found in the heat chambers, saunas and dipping pools.

The warm hospitality of people, excellent food and wine, reliable and frequent public transportation, vivid cultural life, rich museums, attract millions of visitors every year.

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This workshop is announced as an Advanced Skills Workshop (a new terminology in EESTEC since this year’s Congress), which means that due to the academic content it is aimed at people with some background in the field. Be not afraid however - in plain English we’re looking for people with some experience in programming (preferably Java or C#) and enough motivation to do some real work during the day instead of just sleeping at the lectures. This does not mean however that we miss any of the traditional EESTEC values - awesome parties, cool people, laying on the beach, a city rally, a few free rounds and some surprises are all important aspects of the event :)

In order to apply please use the eestec.net site as you always do AND fill in this form as well! It’s a little bit longer, but not as long as it looks at first sight, and not difficult at all, so go ahead, give it 20 minutes so that we can host you on this one-of-a-kind event :)

Deadline: 5th of July.

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24th of August - 1st of September @ Budapest, 25.000 Ft all-inclusive. Apply by the 15th of July at http://tiny.cc/tandem-form

Application deadline extended till the 15th of July - what are you still waiting for?

This is a joint event organized by the Budapest Local Committee of EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) and CSEKK (Csomópont Egyetemisták Közti Kooperáció, I mean Design Student’s Interuniversity Cooperation).

This workshop is a unique opportunity for design students to actually work with programmers. The teamwork is and will be a very important factor in our professional life, as designers mostly work with engineers and many other people who can help to make their designs work. But teamwork is not as easy as it sounds, neither it is taught in universities (or not enough) and it is rarely practiced in any project while we are students. That's why it is so important to go to workshops and grab any opportunity where you can get real experiences in communicating with people who are not from your field. So why not try something new right now? And this will be a one-of-a-kind event because you will be together with the programmers through the whole design process which will make the work even more effective.

The virtual space gave the designers a whole new world to discover and the technologies are developing quickly and we have to catch up! The new 3D technologies, controllers, voice-recognition programs and other useful little gadgets almost wiped out the borders between computers and reality. And who else will find the best ways to use these awsome tools if not the young designers?

Kinect is great but it has so much more possibilities than only playing with it. In this workshop you will be able to try Kinect and even understand a little bit better how it works, and your job is to figure out - together with the programmers - what else it can be used for? What is it capable of? Can it help disabled people? Or students to study more efficiently? Can we use it for communicating with each other or control a program or a presentation in the computer? Can you think of a new way for playing with Kinect?

And the best thing is, that once your team found out what is the most useful and creative way to use this thing, the programmers will start writing the codes and by the and of the week - hopefully - you can try it! Sounds good? Fill the application form below.

The workshop will take place in Budapest, but everyone will live in the same hostel during the workshop as we have a lot of programs together. We will visit Balaton for two days and go to fun places in Budapest. Entrance tickets, meals, accommodation, lectures and even parties will be included in the 25.000 Huf price. But the international connections you will make, the fun you will have and the developement in your design-thinking you will accomplish will be priceless!

24th of August - 1st of September @ Budapest, 25.000 Ft all-inclusive. Apply by the 10th of July at http://tiny.cc/tandem-form

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What is it?

Technology and Design in Motion (TANDEM) is an 8 days long workshop held in Hungary between the 24th of August and 1st of September that brings together students with different backgrounds to discover the use of Kinect and brainstorm on projects using Natural User Interfaces (NUI), with an emphasis on bringing new ideas to life. The participants will include Electrical Engineering/Information Technologies students from all over Europe (those are you, dear EESTECers!) and Design and Arts students from a number of high-profile universities in Hungary. You will have to work together in teams during the whole week, which not only gives you a unique chance to experience completely different work styles, but also creates an inspiring environment and fosters you to think outside of the box.

Kinect is a revolutionary device by Microsoft that lets you control any computer just by your whole body movements or oral commands, without touching any controller, mouse or anything else. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities to create interactions and experiences never seen before. We invite you to a journey to discover this field and to show off your own ideas. For some inspiration, don’t be lazy to watch this promo video.

During the workshop we will introduce you the necessary technical knowledge to use the Kinect, give introductory lectures to the Designers about programming in general and also invite experts to give inspirational talks. After this you’ll form mixed teams, choose a problem that you’d like to work on, and yes, you’ll actually implement a working prototype of your solution as well!

But did you really think working is all that we care about? 30 youngsters in a city with a unique atmosphere and unmatched nightlife under the supervision of our superb LC guarantees those sleepless nights you’re dreaming of. We believe Budapest is also one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe and we’ll do our best to show you as many faces of it as we can. We’ll also take you to our beloved Lake Balaton to get tanned and include a few adventure and sports programs to energize you even more. Not trusting us would probably be the biggest mistake you could make, so we really hope to see you in Budapest :)