After a decade of wandering around and hanging out with everyone met on that Odyssey,

Training 4 Trainers (T4T) has finally returned to its birthplace – Sarajevo.


Event Name: Back to rajvoSa

Organizing Committee: Sarajevo

Date: 2017-03-23 2017-03-25

Participation Fee: 60 euros

Deadline: March 04, 11:59 p.m.

Maximum Participants: 70


Like everyone else, T4T too has decided to throw the best party ever for its 10th birthday.

In addition, after all those metamorphoses it went through in order to become this strong and wise,

and of course best training system ever, it definitely deserves a huge party.

Since it has Balkan roots and EESTEC as a godperson, that birthday celebration will certainly last for three days.

Moreover, prepare yourself to jump into the most amazing and adventurous IMW you’ll ever encounter.

EESTEC style spring decathlon by day and all you can drink fiesta from dusk till dawn are more

than a marvelous reason to join us and experience the Bosnian culture true way.