You should know that throughout history, human beings have used their intelligence to improve their quality of life, boost progress and create new opportunities.


Organizing Committee: LC Madrid

Event: BrAIns

Event type: Workshop

Dates: 6.05.18 – 13.05.18

Number of participants: 20

Participation fee: 0€

Deadline for application: 26.03.2018, 23:59 CET



In recent years, a technology trend is developing significant currency in society: Artificial Intelligence. Machines and devices are now designed to perform tasks as humans would do. AI development is growing fast in very disparate fields and it is essential to be updated not to be left behind. This is where you come into play!

Our workshop BrAIns will introduce you to technologies such as machine learning, smart automation, neural networks, language processing or speech recognition. You will have lectures and practical sessions with experts in the subject who will explain you how these technologies are changing the world.

But that’s not all, you are coming to Madrid. You know what that means, right? You will be able to try our traditional food, your favorite Spanish drinks and enjoy the best weather. You will visit the most unforgettable sites of Madrid during the City Rally and you will enjoy an incredible International Night with the best company you could ever imagine!

And if you still want more (we know you will), you can come to our amazing IMW. We will spend an incredible weekend surrounded by nature and EESTEC spirit, and the best part: it is free for all participants!

The mountains, the fun activities, the pool… Are you letting this opportunity pass you by? Come on, #useYourBrAIn and grab the chance applying here.