It has been a while since Delft opened it’s doors to Europe’s finest students. It seems like we had some trouble to get out of the shadow. Like we have been locked up. Fortunately we have found our way to escape which means that a new event will be organized. Now it will be up to you to create your way out. In ‘A TIEght escape’ you’ll get some tools and information that will help you to create your own puzzles and ‘locks’.

Organizing Committee: LC Delft
Event: TIEght Escape
Event type: Workshop
Dates: 29.04.18 – 5.05.18
Number of participants: 12
Participation fee: 0€
Deadline for application: 26.03.2018, 23:59 CET


Furthermore you’ll get to see The Netherlands. Land of cows and flowers, of cheese and clogs. You’ll discover this beautiful part of the world with several activities. And not just ordinary activities. No we’re talking city rallies, drinks and of course the international night that can’t be missed.

There’s of course only one possible reaction to this. Right! Apply! Take the chance to visit the city where it all began. The EESTEC origins flow through this beautiful city and EESTEC LC Delft is honored to receive you in the beautiful faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.