PATRAS (gr) – H.E.R.O.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO! It’s LC Patras next international event!

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ZAGREB (cro) – Beeruminati

Did you miss us? After 2nd Autumn Congress, it’s time for getting to know Croatia, have some fun and meet new EESTECers.

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ZURICH (ch) – Takashi’s Castle

Participants of WET4 will automatically be part of this IMW for free and do NOT have to apply

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COSENZA (it) – Driving into the Future

After the Latina Meeting, LC COSENZA is proud to announce its workshop!

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XANTHI (gr) – 3D Blinders

It’s time for another series theme to fill the alleys of Xanthi, for the 3rd time in a row!  Read more

BUCHAREST (ro) – de IT 2

LC Bucharest is back and this year we have some great news for those interested in Web Applications!

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DELFT – TIEght Escape

It has been a while since Delft opened it’s doors to Europe’s finest students. It seems like we had some trouble to get out of the shadow. Like we have been locked up. Fortunately we have found our way to escape which means that a new event will be organized. Now it will be up to you to create your way out. In ‘A TIEght escape’ you’ll get some tools and information that will help you to create your own puzzles and ‘locks’. Read more


You should know that throughout history, human beings have used their intelligence to improve their quality of life, boost progress and create new opportunities. Read more